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More frequent updates will come.

Without any post, I did add the pictures from our holiday in croatia (last September) /shock

In the meantime our daughter Tessel has been born, cute and healthy little girl. The divemaster internships are all finished and in the meantime I also got my EFR Instructor rating.

Last December I finally bought a dry-suit, man thats nice 😀

Did some diving under the ice in January that was cool, in both sense of the word. (4C)

My PhD thesis is also finally finished, so with that out of the way I’ll have some more time to dive and post stuff here. I orded soem very nice books about oceanography and marine ecology. Will try and also make a list of the live we find here in our colder dutch waters.

Finally a long awaited update.

Cause no post here doesnt mean we havent been diving.  Some highlights of the past months:

Live-aboard trip to the Greveling with Scubateam, check the gallery for some nice pictures.

In the meantime we have been very busy with finishing our Divemaster course, running as a DMT used up a lot of free time, but what fun was it to help out with all those nice courses.

In the meantime I have celebrated my 100th dive by doing an evening dive in a drysuit. Took some time to get the hang of it, but what a joy is it to stay warm (and dry if dont have any leaks).

Since then we spend another week of diving in Selce, Croatia. Diving center Mihuric arranged everything great again.

In the gallery some of the pictures we made can be seen. What a joy is it to take pictures with our new G9. RAW just gives so much more flexibility with the colours afterwards.

Well it’s about time that I write another post here.

The winter is finally disappearing and the first two dives in the Dutch water have been made already.

The first dive of the season was on eastern sunday, we managed to stay under for about 25 min in the Maarsseveense Plassen. The watertemperature was at the time 5C at the surface. When we got out of the water it started to snow !

Last week it was much better with a  water temperature of 9C at the surface and at depth around 7C, but the sun was shining and it almost felt like it was 20C. So much nice when you have to get out the cold wetsuit.

In the meantime we’re still busy with completing the divemaster course. Motto of that course, knowing how to preform a skill doesn’t mean you are able to do it at demonstration level !

Added some more pictures to the Mexico 2008 Gallery and also a video impression of our base by Jaime Neal

We safely arrived this morning on Schiphol airport. This officially means the end of our trip.

It has been a great experience that Jess nor I shall soon forget.

At the moment I’m rather groggy as I hardly had any sleep on the plane, but keep an eye out on the gallery as in the upcomming days more pictures will be put online.

The first batch of cenote photos are online now. Some more image tweaking is in the process, but it is a job that takes a little more time than expected as most photos turned out very dark, nevertheless there are some amazing shots there !