Archive for September, 2008

Finally a long awaited update.

Cause no post here doesnt mean we havent been diving.  Some highlights of the past months:

Live-aboard trip to the Greveling with Scubateam, check the gallery for some nice pictures.

In the meantime we have been very busy with finishing our Divemaster course, running as a DMT used up a lot of free time, but what fun was it to help out with all those nice courses.

In the meantime I have celebrated my 100th dive by doing an evening dive in a drysuit. Took some time to get the hang of it, but what a joy is it to stay warm (and dry if dont have any leaks).

Since then we spend another week of diving in Selce, Croatia. Diving center Mihuric arranged everything great again.

In the gallery some of the pictures we made can be seen. What a joy is it to take pictures with our new G9. RAW just gives so much more flexibility with the colours afterwards.