Well it’s about time that I write another post here.

The winter is finally disappearing and the first two dives in the Dutch water have been made already.

The first dive of the season was on eastern sunday, we managed to stay under for about 25 min in the Maarsseveense Plassen. The watertemperature was at the time 5C at the surface. When we got out of the water it started to snow !

Last week it was much better with a  water temperature of 9C at the surface and at depth around 7C, but the sun was shining and it almost felt like it was 20C. So much nice when you have to get out the cold wetsuit.

In the meantime we’re still busy with completing the divemaster course. Motto of that course, knowing how to preform a skill doesn’t mean you are able to do it at demonstration level !

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