So the time is nearing that we will leave for Mexico.

A few weeks ago we’ve received our research assignments: Wouter and I have to study fish (some 175 distinct species) and Jessamijn has nice task of distinguishing 51 species of coral including their Latin names. The fish list will be put up on a separate page, so everybody can join the fun 🙂

Most gear has been bought as well: Emergency Kits including a bunch of sterile needles (let’s hope we don’t need ’em), Mosquito nets and some assorted small diving stuff like spare straps and clips, a reel and SMB for Wouter and Jessamijn. When at the scubacenter I decided to also replace the double-ender of my SMB for a stainless steel one, as the brass one actually was already quite corroded.

After some discussion about what kind of suits to bring (Laslzo: 7 mm or else you will be freezing, Jessamijn: 7 mm I’m melting already) We decided to ask around a bit before making a decision. We emailed dreamtime diving in Mahahual to ask them which kind of suit their instructors wear. Reply: 3mm or 5 mm full. Final confirmation came from someone who has been diving near Tulum last week in a 5 mm as well. So last weekend we swung by the scubacenter to do some fitting. We found some nice cressi suits.

In the meantime we were also trying to arrange a hotel for the first night in Playa del Carmen. Unfortunately most hotels I found on the net either did not reply to my inquiries, had a defect email-adres or were just not taking any reservations/bookings anymore for January. After some serious searching I remembered that the airline we use (Martinair) now also has some additional booking options, like car and hotel, for popular destinations. Some browsing on their website let me to a citymap of Playa del Carmen, which had some bars and hotels marked upon. I noticed the name La Tortuga as one that I remembered from I think it was the website of Jan and Carolien from Mayaluna. I emailed them to inquire for a room. Yesterday evening I’ve received a confirmation email that we have a room. They will also send a driver to come and pick us up from Cancun airport, what a luxury.

Now we just need to get a hotel for the return journey and some ointments for in the first aid kit (DEET, cortisone cream, acid eardrops etc etc) and we are good to go.

Now just need to memorize all the fish and coral as the TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) assignments are finished already.

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